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How To Start A Blog: Tips and Tools


Why start a blog?

An active blog is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your website.  It provides a source of quality information for your audience to consume and spread across the internet. All of which expands your reach and increases site traffic. Driving more customers to your website, while raising brand awareness.

But in order to reap these benefits, you need to know how to start a blog. Believe it or not, building an effective blog isn’t as complicated as you think. The key is providing the right content. The type of content that adds value to your brand.

We’re here to give you a few useful tips for doing just that.

But before that, first things first. You have to create the blog.

How To Start A Blog: First Steps

  1. Install your desired blog/content management software. We recommend WordPress. Here’s an excellent tutorial from WPBeginner that will guide you through the process
  2. Identify your niche. Figure out what you’re going to be writing about. As soon as you have this down, planning out content becomes a lot easier.

So what’s next?

How To Start A Blog: Important Tips

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Establish Your Voice

Before you even start writing, it’s important to establish your voice. It’s essentially your brand’s personality. It’s the tone and style that you use to communicate with your specific audience.

Once you identify your voice, you’ll want to ensure that it’s consistent throughout your blog. Every blog post must embody your brand’s personality. This is key to building a following and growing your brand.

Pick The Right Topics

Yes, producing content is generally the focus of building a blog. But producing the right content is what makes all the difference. Content that will pique the interest of your audience and encourage the engagement that you want.

This means providing information on important topics in your industry. Answer the questions that your audience is asking. Provide the resources that they’re searching for. Keep this in mind, and choosing the right topics will be a breeze.

Use A Clean Format

Presentation is everything. So how you present your content can make or break its success. Clean formatting helps to structure and organize your ideas. Conveying your message in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

Use bold text and italics to draw attention to important ideas or phrases. Break up small concepts or bits of information using bullet points. It’s also ideal to break ideas into smaller paragraphs while including a few helpful subheaders. This will help with thought structure and contribute to a clean and visually pleasing layout.

Make Good Use Of Images And Links

Using Links

Strategically incorporating links helps to build keywords and direct readers to important pages and posts on your websites. It’s a great way to improve your flow of traffic, reduce your bounce rate, and cover a wider range of ground per visitor.

You’ll want to especially incorporate links with your Call-To-Action. Whether it’s buying a product, or subscribing to a service. Providing a useful link can act as highway straight to the destination.

On a similar note, links can also be used to direct your visitors to useful external content. Perhaps a tutorial or video? Regardless, the focus here is to provide more value with your blog posts.

Using Images

Including images in your blog posts and throughout your website is crucial. The internet is all about aesthetic. Images add a strong sense of visual appeal to an otherwise bland page. Moreover, they can often complement the content they’re associated with. All of which makes your content, much more interesting.

How To Start a Blog: Useful Blog Tools

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As a blog owner, there are a number of tools that’ll make building your blog much simpler.

For Keywords

Google Keyword Planner

This tool is an extension of Google Adwords (which you can quickly make a free account for). It provides a fast and direct method for discovering which keywords/phrases people are being searched for in your niche. You can also use it to generate new keyword ideas. Ideas that can help inspire some clever and effective blog post topics.

This online service coins itself as one of the best free alternatives to Google’s Keyword Planner. Its core function is practically identical, but it adds an extra bit of useful information. proficiently generates long-tail keyword ideas – essential to an effective keyword building strategy.

For Generating Content Ideas


Buzzsumo is an effective way to discover successful content ideas and topics. It searches the web for a specific keyword or URL and spits out the most popular relevant content. This is a great way to figure out exactly what resonates with your audience. Which makes coming up with your own successful content ideas much easier.

For finding images

There’s a large collection of high-quality public domain images that are great for blog use. Public domain images typically do not involve copyright, and allow for safe commercial use through Creative Commons.

Here’s a collection of a few public domain image websites from the folks at MakeUseOf 

Also, check out:

Pixabay and

Alway double-check the conditions for sharing images, as some, although free may require link attribution.

For building links


Is your one-way ticket to connect with the thought influencers in your industry. Helping you to forge connections that will help get your content shared and external links built. At the core, it’ll generate a list of important influencers and contact info as well as relevant site metrics. It’s also a great tool for keeping communication organized and easy to manage.

We hope you found this post to be helpful. With the right tools and habits, you can start a blog successfully in no time. It’s all about providing valuable content and making good use of your resources.

Have your own tips for building a blog? Share them in the comments below!


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