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Product Description Writing Service

Product Descriptions That Shine

-Avoid duplicate content penalties with
100% unique product descriptions

-Attract and convert more customers

-Influence buyer behavior with
persuasive eCommerce content writing

-SEO and keyword optimization:
Increase page rankings and site traffic

-Order ‘Fresh’ or ‘Rewritten” descriptions

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The power of the product description

When it comes to eCommerce, well-written product descriptions are essential to getting the results you want. They’re the difference between a conversion and a closed browser tab — a sale and a lost customer. In other words, product descriptions are what influence the behavior of customers, they’re what fuel the decision to buy.


It’s all in the way they’re strategically crafted to create the perfect shopping experience. The type of experience that engages and hooks the interest of your site visitors, making them excited to learn more about the product. Soon realizing that they don’t just want the product, but need it — that its features will benefit their lives in ways they never thought of.

This is the experience we deliver with our product description writing service.


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Why unique product descriptions are essential to your online success

The days of recycling manufacturer product descriptions are long gone. Copy-pasting your product descriptions from manufacturer websites and other web pages may save you some time, but it’s doing your website a lot more harm than good.


Duplicate content penalties.

They’re the factor that prevents you from ever seeing first-page search results. But rest easy, for there’s a simple solution to this common problem.

Unique product descriptions please search engines, and are crafted with strategy — carefully written to create the perfect shopping experience for your customers. An engaging experience that shifts your buyer’s mentality from”want” to “need, guiding them to add your product to their shopping cart.

Best of all, unique product descriptions are comprised of 100% original content, making them custom tailored to your audience and immune to duplicate content penalties. This allows your products to climb the search result pages, ranking higher and higher over time. And naturally, with better content and page rankings comes increased conversions, more site traffic, and most importantly, better business.

product description writing service | product description writer | product content writing serviceBut we get it. Hooking your customer’s interest and getting them to buy is easier said than done. There’s a certain art to writing effective product descriptions. An art that takes time to develop, time that you don’t have to spare.

That’s where we come in. Let one of our experienced product description writers be your problem solver.

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What You Get

+100% unique product descriptions

+Copy written in your brand’s voice

+Engaging writing that highlights
features and accentuates benefits

+Clear CTAs and persuasive copy that
influences buyer decision-making

+SEO friendly eCommerce content
and keyword optimization

+On-Time Delivery

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What Unique Product Descriptions Do For You

Boost conversions 

Persuasive writing that fuels action and influences
the decision to buy — leading to more sales and
more customers.

Improve search rankings, Increase traffic

Unique SEO and keyword optimized descriptions
improve search engine rankings, helping more
people find your products through organic search.

Engage your audience

Compelling copy that creates value and hooks attention.
Strategically highlighting the features and benefits of
your products in the process.



Why Choose Us

Consistent Quality 

We craft every single product description from the ground up, starting with a proven template as the foundation. From there, we customize the writing for the best results based on your demographic and individual goals.

Flexible Pricing Options

We understand that every business has different needs. That’s why we offer an assortment of pricing options made to accommodate your budget. Whether you need to order a single product description or a whole website’s worth, you have options. (Volume discounts offered for bulk orders)

Fresh or Rewritten

Have a few products descriptions that need a rewrite? We’ll transform your old descriptions into sales tools.

Looking to sell a bunch of new products? Tell us all about them — we’ll handle the rest.

Unlimited Revisions

Quality is our priority, but so are your expectations.  If for any reason you still need some tweaks or edits made, enjoy unlimited revisions under our Satisfaction Guarantee policy.


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